on your desk

Smaller than ever, beautiful
with high precision.

The VISAI brand is a CNC machine which realises
1 micron cutting accuracy on the top of a desk.

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Compact and extremely precise
desktop CNC lathe


Small-Footprint Design

Usable on a desk, machine base weight is only 70kg. Operating on a AC100V outlet, it can be installed in a garage, office space or anywhere on the shopfloor.

Cutting Accuracy is ±1μm

For precision machining, a typical rigid machine would have a weight of 1,000kg. VISAI realises cutting accuracies of ±1μm on a desk at 1/25 the weight.

Smart-I Controller

Wide range of fine machining capability with original CNC, a PC control based Smart-I controller. A novel Web interface provides a new experience in fine machining.

Product Specification

Height 310mm
Footprint (Width×Length) 900mm×490mm
Machine base weight 70kg
(Control panel, Operation board, Monitor)weight: 34kg
Other weight 5kg
Total weight 109kg
Electric source AC100V – 1.5kVA
Travel X-axis・Z-axis 200mm・200mm
Maximum cutting dia. Φ20mm
Swing over bed Φ160mm
Spindle speed 150-2000rev/min
Tool post Interchangeable(customizable)
NC(original) Smart-Ⅰ
※This specification is as of 27 October 2016



Design background

A leading maker of precision machining centers and YUKI Precision, an aerospace grade precision parts producer. With extensive experience in Swiss lathes for parts production, YUKI was not satisfied with the current market of CNC lathes oversized for making small parts of a few millimeters. A joint development started with a goal to making a compact, high precision CNC machine with aesthetics in mind.

Our Vision of VISAI

The VISAI brand name is based on the Japanese word “bi-sai” for “refined, finest”. This one word expresses our brand belief of minute attention to detail and a clean, smart design.

Our Team


Since 1903, Roku-Roku Sangyo has placed customer trust as first priority in the development, manufacture and sales of machine tools. In 1996, by developing a micro fabrication CNC machine named “MEGA”, became a leader of domestic precision machining companies. ROKU-ROKU Sangyo is focused on expanding the micro fabrication market and provides machines world-wide in various fields, such as precision mold tooling makers to semiconductor inspection testing equipment makers.

YUKI Precision Co., Ltd

Founded in 1950 by Saburo Otsubo, YUKI Precision is an aerospace grade precision parts machining company. With corporate strategy focused on high value added machining, obtained quality management system standard JIS Q 9100 for production of aircraft and space parts. Production management using IT tools have won Management Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises Award from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.




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